Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mending Pants

I fixed a couple pairs of Brayden's pants the other day and I liked how they turned out, so I thought I would share the process.

I got the idea as I was one day making fun of the fact that having holes in jeans is now "cool" and our friend Travis sheepishly confessed that he bought some jeans like that...but they had jean behind the hole so they wouldn't rip more. Hopefully.

Brayden is an, um, active boy, and he seems to land on his left knee a lot. He has these jeans that are otherwise why not take advantage of this strange style going on? I don't like the big old patch on the knee. I might be on to something. So here is the process:
  1. Before. Notice the big hole.
  2. I cut out a piece of jean to cover the hole. I used some jeans I was going to use for a jean quilt.
  3. I turned the pants inside out.
  4. I placed my cut out piece of jean over the hole. Perhaps I should have serged the edges first?
  5. I applied my iron-on patch as directed by the manufacturer.
  6. I placed a patch on the other knee for good measure.
  7. After! You can see the outline of the patch. We will have to see how this looks when it is all washed. Even so, it looks better than a big old patch would on the outside. And he should be able to wear them again!
  8. I did it on another pair of jeans. It was a smaller hole so it was less obvious.

1 comment:

Devin said...

(This is Melanie) Looks good. Just yesterday I had to do that to a pair of my pants too. I'm sure that they will work out great and it's so nice to be able to make something last a little longer than it otherwise would. Good job!


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