Sunday, November 24, 2013

Re-using--get some paint

When I changed the color scheme of this room, I wanted to spruce up some of our items with some paint. My husband is very handy with the spray paint, so I asked him to paint a few things.

The first I actually did--it is the blue wreath shown in this picture:

It was an easy way to add some color. Those wreaths are very cheap at Hobby Lobby. Use a coupon or wait for the sale and it is even cheaper.

This one was red, which matched our previous colors. My husband painted this one blue.

See that black frame on the bottom right? Just barely? That is why I wanted it painted. It blended in 

Spray paint to the rescue.

This was for a different room--our master. My husband was in love with this color so we went for it...This one I just used regular paint since it matched perfectly what we were already doing.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Bunk Beds

Last year--July-August of 2012 (yes, I am that far behind)--my husband built this set of bunk beds for our kids. We were expecting our fourth child and needed to do some room sharing. This spot was a great spot in the room, but it was just not quite wide enough to put pre-made bunk beds in the space. So he built them in place. Those things are never moving. 

He did some other cool stuff for them. He wired in a light with each bed so they can read at night. He also added shelves at the head of the bed.

Each bed also has a "treasure box." Under the bottom shelf, you can pull down the opening and fit a whole lot of treasures inside. Our kids love it!


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