Monday, August 30, 2010

Organization: Coat Hooks

I am loving using coat hangers for keeping things organized and I plan to add many more to the house. Above, you can see a simple four pronged hanger we hung in Kaitlyn's closet. She can hang her purses, backpacks, and whatever else on it.

Here we have another four pronged coat hanger. This was red and we painted it black. We hung it nice and low so the kids can reach their coats and can reach to put their coats away.

Here, we have some in our coat closet. It seems like we were constantly piling coats up because for some reason, hanging them on hangers is too much trouble. This way, everyone can keep a coat at easy access and again, the kids can hang up their own coats.

I am wanting to get some more hangers for Brayden's room. I want them for his backpack and for dress up items. I will post photos when I am done. I am still working it all out in my head.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Decorating Idea: Curtain Rod

The photo is terrible, but here is an idea for you. My SIL saw something similar to this at a store once. She used the idea to mod podge letters of her daughter's name (A M Y) and h and hang those. It turned out super cute.

But my kids names are much longer than that. I went with this. I got the letters K and P from Hobby Lobby. I got the frame from IKEA. The rod was in the house when we bought it. I will have to try to get a better picture. That is awful. But the idea is cute! Oh, I found this one:

PS wondering where I have been? I have been MIA because my computer contracted a virus, followed by our hard drive after more than two weeks, I finally am back--hopefully for good.


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