Monday, February 22, 2010

Crocheted Headbands

I cannot believe it, but I actually made up a pattern in crocheting! Unbelieveable. I know, it is a simple pattern, but I am still shocked.

Here is my brown one.

McKenna's pink one

Also McKenna's pink one

My red one

Kaitlyn's red one

This is Kaitlyn's other one...I didn't write this pattern. I just made a different pattern smaller to create this.

Here is McKenna showing her pink one.

And her pink one with a bow


Kristin said...

I like the headbands! Especially with those cute flowers. I need to start crocheting again. It has been so long. But yours are super cute.

Jena said...

Hey Val - would you mind sharing your pattern? My mom sent me her pattern but I'd love to try a new one!

Lisa Chaffee said...

Val, you are so talented! How cute!!


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