Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I decided to make the kids some Aprons for Easter. Kaitlyn always wants to wear an apron, and I am OCD so it will be nice to have their clothes protected.

Here is Brayden's. It is an art smock that he can use for cooking and art and whatever else I deem necessary :). It was really easy except for the bias tape. That took forever. Plus it is 1/4" bias tape, and I had to re-sew several sections because it wasn't quite on there. If I make this pattern again, I think I will use 1/2" bias tape instead.

Here is Kaitlyn's. It just doesn't look cute in a picture, but it is really cute in real life.

I decided to make a matching apron for me, too. Kaitlyn's and mine are from a pattern of matching mother/daughter aprons. I didn't think it looked that cute, but liked the matching of it and liked that this apron actually descended below the waist, unlike many of my patterns for little girl aprons. Then when I made the aprons, I thought, "Wow, those are so cute!" but then I took pictures and saw that they just don't look cute in pictures. Once we get them at Easter, we will take some pictures with them on. Perhaps it will look cuter that way.

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Melanie said...

Those look super cute. I like how it wraps all the way around. I found a pattern for a bib with sleeves I think I might need to make for Amy. She is kind of messy when she eats. :)


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