Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Above and below are the same bracelet

Above is designed by my Sister in law Melanie

Above was designed by my sister in law Laur


Melanie said...

I love your yellow tear drop bracelet. Way cute! I need to get going on making jewelry again. I have so many new beads now. I will be referring to your blog to get ideas for sure. They are great.

serra said...

Val! Thanks for stopping by my bloggy blog. I love your jewelry, each sunday I check out what you've got on :) I see you have brittany iverson - blog: charmed, I'm sure - on your side bar. Where do you know her from? I have her on my side bar too. I love her giveaways! Anyway... see you soon (you should sell your stuff on etsy... why not?)

serra said...

I LOVE that black one towards the end. I swear you've added more since last time I stopped by. Either that or I have select vision.


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