Sunday, November 13, 2011

Halloween Costumes 2011

This year, we did the King, Queen, Knight, Princess, and Dragon thing. Kaitlyn was a princess. This was a McCalls Pattern...if you want the exact number I can get it for you.

I was a queen. Again, McCalls and I can get the number if you want it.

McKenna was a dragon. She was going to be a princess, but my husband found a great dragon costume at Old Navy and insisted she be a dragon. So I insisted she be a girl dragon and made her a tutu to go with her costume.


Melanie said...

Very nice work Val. You really go all out. I need to start thinking about Halloween costumes earlier than a week or so before. oops. oh well. I saw Nathan's costume on your blog. his hat was awesome!

Caroline said...

Cute theme!! My oldest son (3) insisted on being a dragon after he saw the one at Old Navy(and that my youngest son--1--should be one too!) We loved it!


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