Sunday, July 24, 2011

Tutorial: Cut-off Jeans Turned Capris

My legs are short. So any capri I find for myself is pretty much way too long and I look more like I am wearing floods than capris. I decided to make some cut-offs. Should be simple enough, but I am smart enough to ask people with more knowledge than myself how to do things, so I called up my sister-in-law Laur (the one who designs for Izzy & Ivy) to get her tutorial. She had some great tips! And Laur isn't a blogger, so I thought I would share her tips with the world. 

Here is my before--see how long they are?

Your first step is to fold one leg up to where you want it. Laur says to put it at the skinniest point in your leg--usually right below the knee. Don't do the largest part! It will make your legs look bigger than they are. If you plan to hem it rather than leave a frayed edge, be sure to account for the hem length.

Take the pants off, leaving it folded--just the one leg. Put pins in your crease.

Fold the pants down. Cut along the pin line. I went just below it.

Next, you hem. If you want a frayed look (like I did) sew a straight stitch 1/4" away from edge (unless you want a larger fray section. I that case, go to 1/2" or whatever you want). This ensures that the fraying will stop rather than fraying for eternity. I stitched with blue thread that blended in with my pants.

Fold the pants on top of themselves. Cut the other leg off, using the first leg as your guide. This way they will be cut the exact same. Repeat the hem step for this leg.

Done! Now you have turned your pants or capris into real capris! 

And here it is after a couple of washings:

Before I did this, no one ever commented on my capris. Now I get compliments on how cute they are every single time. 

I have several more capris to do this to now...

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