Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas PJs

I love the tradition of opening new PJs on Christmas Eve. Growing up I often got new PJs. Then I got married and Nate's mom made them...but she has recently decided to stop doing so. I decided to do it for my little family. Let me type this out for my memory next year: strongly consider buying PJs next year. You can buy them for much cheaper than you can buy material. Then you still have to make it. The only thing is that my kids all love it when I make things for them, and PJs aren't difficult in the least.

Anyway, here they are. McKenna's, Kaitlyn's, and Brayden's. I love the lace on the girls' PJs. 


serra said...

I'm glad braydens didn't have lace.

Jena said...

Those are cute - but I disagree, it's so much cheaper to make them! I finally made ours again this year (haven't done so since our first Christmas) and spent as much on fabric for each kid to have TWO pairs of jammies as it would have cost for two kids to have ONE pair of bought jammies. But maybe my problem is that I like them to match for Christmas jammies, so maybe it costs a little more to get 4 sets of matching ones ;-)


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