Friday, September 17, 2010

Market Bag

I am in love with this bag. It is HUGE. I was able to do the inside pockets they way I wanted. I am using this for my church bag, so I made pockets big enough to hold manuals. I also made pockets for several pens/scripture markers. The pockets can also hold scriptures snugly, which will be nice until I have my scripture bag done. 

My Sister-In-Law designed this bag. To get the pattern, go here.

I will be making another one of these for the kids' church bag. I love it.

1 comment:

Devin said...

Yours is super cute. I love mine too. It's nice to have a big bag. Other patterns I have tried haven't been near big enough. This one is great though. Glad you go yours done. (BTW This is Melanie.)


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