Monday, January 4, 2010


This year, I made a new stocking for Kaitlyn and a stocking for McKenna. I don't follow a pattern for them, so they always look a bit goofy, but I have decided that can be something my kids can chuckle at when they are older :)

Here are stockings I have made in past years. The one on the far left was not made by me, but it is mine and I LOVE IT. I love crocheted stockings. They stretch so well and give you much more freedom of what can be put in there. Then there is Kaitlyn's old one, which is much too small, thus the new one. Then Nate's. Then Brayden's.

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Melanie said...

Cute stockings! I have made all of ours too. Mine are out of fleece. Yours are way fun though. I love the fur and the shiny fabric. :) And your baseball hat holder was very creative.


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